Faceshield Design and Best Use

Not all face shields are the same. There are right ways to use them and wrong ways.

Face Shields should be:

  • 3” or more below the chin
  • Go back to at least an inch before the ear
  • Sides should not be further than an inch from the side of the head. They can be bent to bring them closer or tighten the headband.
  • Worn as close to a vertical position as possible with the wearer standing up. Breath air flow to and from the wearer is blocked.

The above will deflect air flow from another person’s breath to go up, down and sideways away from the wearer. Face masks allow another person’s breath to hit the wearer’s eyes and go through the mask.

Less than ideal face masks and wearing

There are two problems with this setup. This is common.

  • The face shield is too short. It is only about an inch below the chin.
  • The bottom of the mask is too high up from near vertical. Another person’s breath can go under the shield.  The wearer’s breath is not well blocked. 

Other face shield options:

Face shields can have a chin deflection. This is possible with:

  • Bending the shield in at the bottom
  • Home-made soda bottle and salad container face shields have chin deflections built-in. These can be stuffy and the plastic is not perfectly clear as bought face shields. 


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