Home-made face shields

Here are three home-made designs. The top two are made of re-cycled clear plastic. These sharply limit infected breath from getting under the face shield. The plastic is not perfectly clear, but adequate.

The type above is made from a salad green container. It has walls on all four sides. It can easily be flipped on top of the head when not needed.

This type is made from a clear plastic soda bottle. It wraps around the head; has the curvature of the top of the bottle under the wearer’s chin and a foam head band.

This third type should be an inch lower than in the photo to limit infected air hitting the chest of the wearer and moving up under the shield. Folding the bottom in would be even better. 

Click the pictures to link to more info on each type.

Youtube.com has many more types to make. These are the easiest. 

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