Faceshields from salad greens containers.

Easiest to make

The easiest do-it-yourself face shield is recycling the tub or container for salad greens. The salad greens are good for you too!

Not all containers are suitable. The bottom has to be clear of labels. The one featured here is from Fresh Market brand. Some labels can be peeled off, but others have glue that is tough or impossible to remove. Some bottoms have indentations for added strength, but you can’t see through them. So you need to do a little shopping. There are also different sizes of containers to fit different heads.

Then all you have to do is:

  • cut off the cover

  • make two holes at about your ear level. Holes can be made with an electric drill, but it can slide. Bang a nail in with a hammer. Screw a screw through it. A hot soldering iron will melt a hole.

  • Tie a shoe lace, piece of string or elastic in the holes to fit your head.

  • Done! Just put it on your face and around your ears. 

  • ALWAYS CLEAN AT LEAST THE OUTSIDE OF THE FACE SHIELD AFTER USE. Treat it like it might have viruses on it. Be careful where you put it until washing it. Soap up your hands and smear the soap over the face shield. Lots of soap and running water should be enough. That should wash viruses off like washing your hands does. The shield can be air dried or some other way. 

Face Shield

I think the shape of these is the best face-shield design. It has walls on top, bottom and both sides so air flow with coronaviruses coming at you goes right by you. If you are infected, your breath goes backwards.

You can cut off a top to wear a ball cap or other hat. I don’t like that because air flow coming at you could be scooped by the peak of the cap and it would hit your forehead and go down behind the shield. We don’t want infected air doing that.

Some find this shield a little stuffy for breathing. To open it up for more air, door like slats can be cut in the top and bottom. Cut the slats with one side is still connected to the front like a door. This will bend air flow up and away and down and away and not breathed behind the shield. Below are some pictures and a drawing showing the theory behind the design.

Arrow point to door-like slats


Arrow point to door-like slats

The diagram above shows how the open doors deflect air flow away for possible breathing in. Air has to be breathed in, but it is best to have it come in from the back of the shield. 

Remember: Try to keep 6 ft or more away from others, but breaking this will happen by accident, others carelessness or at check out counters at stores especially supermarkets. Faceshields are not 100% protection, while face masks offer close to no protection for the wearer.


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